Coronal Brow Lift

The brow conveys emotion and mood through subtle but powerful movements. A droopy brow causes tiredness, a sense of heaviness and an aged angry look. Symptoms are often worse towards the latter part of the day and may interfere with work or driving. When the problem is excess skin, a coronal lift may be the procedure of choice, optimal in females aged 50 plus. If this is you, then a brow lift may help.

Coronal brow lift

An incision is made behind the hairline, excess skin removed, and the brow lifted under general or local anaesthesia. The skin is closed with stitches and clips. You may go home a few hours after surgery.

After Coronal brow lift

You may have a headache the evening after surgery for which regular pain relief medications help. You can remove the bandage day 1, then shower and wash your hair. Bruising and swelling may appear on the sides of the face and the upper eyelids can swell. Stitches or clips in the scalp will be removed at 10-14 days in most cases and most people return to work within 2 weeks. The wounds will be tender, and the scalp will have patches of numbness, which settles over months. Only your hairdresser will see the scars.