Mucocoele dacryocystitis

Many of you will see patients who present with a medial canthal lump. Usually, this represents a blockage of the lacrimal sac, with enlargement….it fills with mucus.

It is interesting that this only happens in some cases, and is likely a valvular effect within the sac.

The first 2 photos show a gentleman with bilateral lacrimal sac mucocoeles. I press on one and it discharges profusely. This is mucus.

The second shows a you man with an INFECTED sac…bugs get in and cause mucocoele dacryocystitis.

Dacryocystitis - notice the red and raised area under the eye. This is an infected sac.

Whilst we can treat the second with antibiotics, I simply operate….dacryocystorhinostomy, keyhole watery eye surgery.

It is no different to rupturing an abscess and draining out the infective material….curative.

The patients thank you every single time.

Simple tip: rinse your nose. I have a video explaining this on my channel

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